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Thank you for your interest in The Art of Wellness Series on Nutrition.  Below are links to the speaker script.  If you joined our mailing list, you can request the event outline, which is chock full of good information, and you will be notified when future presentations are online. 

We suggest you start at the beginning and sequentially move through the material as each segment continues the previous one.  A $5 donation is suggested to access our videos.  However, any size donation is appreciated.  Our hope is that you’ll put a price tag on the value you receive and donate accordingly…  thus allowing us to continue providing you with value.

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During the seminar, several bonus reports were made available to attendees in appreciation for their donations.  Some of those reports are listed here with their suggested donation amounts.  Should you donate, you will be sent a link to the report/s within 24 hours.  Thank you.

1.  Safe Artificial Sweeteners $5  (7 pages)

No Artificial Sweeteners are completely safe, but some are safer than others. 

This chart attempts to steer you toward the ones that are least harmful and details the pros and cons of each.  Stevia, a natural sweetener, is not on this list.


"Even though I am a Licensed Practical Nurse, I find your events extremely interesting. I always learn a tremendous amount. And you present it in such a clear, concise and logical fashion. I can't wait to attend the next one."   Evelyn Chaney

"You are an amazing person! You have researched so many facets of wellness. Thanks for all your help."   Maria Andrade

2.  Water Basics $10  (9 pages)


Analyzing your drinking water can be harder than you think.  There is much confusion and misinformation on the various methods being used to clean drinking water.  This report investigates the 6 most popular options along with their strengths and weaknesses.


3.  Facets of Homeopathy $15  (20 pages)

Pages 1-5:  The science behind homeopathy.  How & why it works.

Pages 6-8:  All about Bach flower essences. 

Pages 9-14:  The truth behind cell salts.  An explanation of the 12 tissue (cell) salts that the body needs on the cellular level and cannot do without. 


Just like scientists can peer at a planet from a distance and tell that the planet is lacking air, oxygen or water, each cell salt has unique deficiency signs that can be detected through symptoms or anatomical changes. 

Pages 15-20:  Take the test to see if you might benefit from Bach remedies.


Get all three for a donation of $25.

Help a worthy cause

​​"This is invaluable information that I haven't found anywhere else. Thanks for putting it together."   Mark Beste

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