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Whether you are facing a serious illness or are just in pursuit of a higher level of health and personal performance, this series will give you practical knowledge to chart a course to recovery and optimal health that will power your purpose.

Why Present
This Series Now?
There is Hope

If not now, when?  The extraordinary explosion of chronic disease over the last 25 years has never been seen in human history. From Alzheimer’s to chronic depression to cancer, we see unprecedented amounts of disease.


When we view today’s epidemic of chronic illness and the cost and failure of our chronic disease management system (we call healthcare) the future looks profoundly unsustainable. 


Fifty percent of American males are diagnosed with cancer before they die, and that number is predicted to reach 70% over the next 20 years.  Autism has gone from 1 in 5000 to 1 in 44 over the last 30 years and is predicted to rise to 1 in 3 within the next 20 years.


If we do not reverse direction now, the cost of care and loss of productivity for the sick and their caretakers will render this country financially insoluble.

There exists a beautiful and exciting truth:  Our bodies are engineered as self-healing machines and good health is profoundly simple.  It is the antidote to all disease.  


All we need do is give the body what it needs and let it do the rest.  The problem is figuring out just what it needs.  That’s what this Series is all about.


Every single person that makes the investment of time to learn how to reach optimal health and function, becomes an epicenter for change in our collapsing social and healthcare systems. 


Regardless of how desperate our current situation is, there’s a way out for each of us... the way of intrinsic health.  This is your opportunity to participate in a wellness revolution...


A revolution that begins with you!

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