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This is where short banned videos come to die.  We live in a pre-Communist Society where Truth is the enemy and alternate opinions are crushed.  Holistic doctors have suffered this for decades.  Labeled as quacks practicing voodoo medicine and conspiracy theorists, they have been shoved to the fringes of society. 


But just as the holistic approach was beginning to take hold, a magic virus appeared to instill fear into uneducated masses.  The threat, of course, is no less than death and social isolation for those not following the "Party Line" or in other words the "Communist Directive."  

Unfortunately, I am limited in the size of the videos I can showcase so some of these videos take you away from this site.  But because I believe that politics and government have been consistently destroying your freedom of choice, I have chosen to display any video with the goal of educating the public about what's really happening in our world today.  Enjoy My Quest for Truth!  Marie

UNMASKED:  The Truth About the 2020 Election
TIME Magazine’s Weird Admission of Guilt
WHAT'S NEXT?  Your Enemies Share Their Plans
Documentary:  Part 1, Judy Mikovits
Plandemic 2.jpg
Documentary:  Part 2, Judy Mikovits
Catherine Austin Fitts - Full Interview - Planet Lockdown
Absolute Proof.JPG
Trailer + Full Length Documentary takes you away from this site.
"The Fall of the Cabal" 10-part series by Janet Ossebaard will take you away from this page.
Warning 4 Humans.JPG
FACTS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE COVID VACCINE + many more interesting videos take you away from this site.
Vaccine Trial Truth.JPG
CLINICAL TRIALS FOR EXPERIMENTAL COVID VACCINES will not end until 2023.  Click video to leave this site.
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