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The holistic events on this site are about putting into practice the well known saying, healing lies within.  It's all about you being in control.  Once you understand the basics of how your body works, your world will change and you'll never go back to your old one.

The information on this site is crucial for anyone with health issues.  It takes the guesswork and confusion out of your decision making, allowing you to confidently make those tough choices.   Your health is far too important to naively surrender to cookbook medicine.

All of the information on this site is free.  It is run by one person and exists solely through donations.  Please consider giving so that I may continue to serve.

If the body is a biological machine,
This is the Owner's Manuel.

Nutrition:  All about Empowerment.   Having the Information you need to determine good advice from bad.  Make those tough decisions... and feel confident about your choices.


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